What is the Difference between Bolt and Screw?

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Bolts and Screws are common fasteners in many industries. In the manufacturing and construction industry, widely use both screws and bolts. There are different thread sizes and materials for both bolts and screws. You can select bots or screws depending on the requirements. However, knowing about the Difference between Bolt and Screw is useful when you are working in the industry.

Difference between Bolt and Screw

Bolts and screws are both commonly used fasteners, but there are some key differences between the two.

Characteristic of Bolts

Nut and Bolt
  • Bolts are typically larger and stronger than screws.
  • They have a threaded shaft and a head and are used along with nuts. That is securing two or more objects together.
  • Bolts typically have a flat or rounded head that requires a separate tool, such as a wrench, to tighten or loosen them.

Bolts are often used in applications that require a high degree of strength, such as construction and machinery. If you need a flat finish after assembling the bolts, you should make the Counterbore holes to assemble the bolts. Then you can hide the head of the bolts.

Characteristic of Screws


Screws are smaller and are designed to be inserted directly into materials, such as wood or metal. Unlike bolts,

  • screws have threads along their entire length.
  • Screws create their own thread when they are screwed into a material, providing a secure hold.
  • Screws have various types of heads, including slotted, Phillips, or Allen, which can be turned with a corresponding screwdriver or bit.

Screws are commonly used in woodworking, furniture assembly, electronics, and other applications where a strong, reliable connection is needed. Other than the self Tapping Screws, most of the time you should make the Countersunk hole to assemble the screws.

In summary, bolts and screws differ in size, strength, the need for accompanying nuts, and the way they are used to fasten materials together. It is important to choose the appropriate fastener for your specific application to ensure a secure and reliable connection.

How to Select Bolt or Screw Size for Your Design

When you are working on a mechanical design, all the CAD software has design libraries to get the standard parts. So, you can use those libraries to get the bolts and screw models to your design. By selecting different thread sizes and lengths, you can select suitable fasteners. Always better to work with standard parts and it will save your manufacturing costs. No one going to manufacture uncommon bolts or screws for products. After selecting standard bolts or screws, you can easily purchase online markets like McMaster or any other local hardware.


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