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Design Engineer

Hello, I’m Gaya, residing in Sri Lanka, and holding a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. I’m currently employed as a Mechanical Design Engineer specializing in Research and Development.

Mechanical Engineering may seem daunting at first, but in today’s modern world, it extends its influence across various engineering disciplines. Each day, it evolves, becoming more intricate and cutting-edge. However, grasping the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and the journey from the basics to sophisticated designs equips us to create superior solutions, designs, and groundbreaking innovations.

In this ever-evolving landscape, understanding the core principles of mechanical engineering and its intersections with other fields is crucial for staying ahead in the world of innovation and design.

Who is For,

Whether you’re a student, developer, mechanical engineer, or someone with a keen interest in mechanical engineering, the internet has become your go-to source for information. I’ve personally encountered the same challenges throughout my academic journey and career. The scarcity of up-to-date and practical mechanical engineering knowledge online can be frustrating. Outdated and unhelpful information often clutters your search results.

You’ve probably faced issues related to resources, tools, optimal concepts, and reliable sources for components and fittings. The quest for the right information can be daunting. I’ve been there, and I understand your struggle. In this dynamic field, finding the most valuable insights and resources is crucial for success and innovation.

Here we are,

We want to step down mechanical engineering to an accessible level for everyone who doesn’t have the engineering knowledge and who currently faces difficulties in mechanical design while providing better content through the MechHeart.

Let’s help each other to build up an effective and advanced mechanical engineering era with devoted engineers.

Welcome all,

Best Regards

Gaya Gunawardhana